(FC HRCH Black Ice's Carbon Copy of Ammo Mud Bud MH X Field of Dreams Mayhem)

Dixie is a hard running marking machine with a huge water entry.  She is a blast to train and watch run in the field.  She hunts hard in the field weather its upland or waterfowl, but is the most loving dog in my line up. She has her SHR in the HRC and  JH in the AKC.  She is clear of all genetic defects through Paw Prints Genetics.

OFA Hipps : LR-237586E24F-PI

​Eyes : LR-EYE13171/2F-NOPI

Elbows : LR-EL87337F24-PI

SHR S&S Smokin' Hot Southern Bell JR "Dixie"


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Whitlewood's Black Diamond "Gem"

CPR Whitewood's Black Diamond “Gem” (Black)
(GMPR TGK Michael's Swamp Gator SH X CPR Michael's Blazing Ball of Fire)
The dam Gem is a black tri factored hunting machine. Gem come from very strong pointing background. She is used as a guide dog at Dakota Ringneck hunting lodge in SD. She can hunt hard all day in the field, but does it with style and manners, at the end of the day she’s still a house dog. Gem throws great natural hunting ability in her pups. I’ve guided her pups at 6 months of age, and nothing but compliments from past litter. 

 OFA Hips: LR-210213E27F-VPI
EIC: Clear
CNM: Clear
PRA: Clear